About TFT

TFT(The Freedom Trail)is the new generation of the global eco-chain. It assigns all commercial scene with eco-chain technology architecture. It integrats the assets between various public blockchains and consortium blockchains, and comprehensively enables all ecologies on chain to make it the world's largest business ecosystem of blockchain. Behavioral contribution consensus validation and asset value consensus validation will be bi-directional to create "100 scenes, million traffic and 10 billion worth value''.





Web 3.0 e-commerce

Decentralized exchange

Data sharing
privacy protection

Supply chain


Token name: The Freedom Trail

In short: TFT

Amount: 21,000,000 pieces


  • 2020
    In April

    the core technology of TFT eco-chain was formally proposed and entered into the r&d stage. Top global scientific research lab teams conducted joint r&d. They committed to comprehensively improve the underlying chain technology structure and full commercial application deployment protocol of the blockchain industry.

    In January

    TFT eco-chain was set up.Its core technology, strategic planning, development, ecological layout and other aspects were

    In August

    TFT launched the Genesis Node Program. In the next helf year, TFT will be launched on global trading platforms such as Gate, MXC, BetterEx, CoinW, OKEx, WBF, ZT, Bkex to provide the TFT community with liquidity.

    In July

    the commercial ecological landing route and scheme of TFT eco-chain were established and launched. It started to integrate the traditional commercial resources of TFT Foundation, including preliminary connection and scheme design such as luxury e-commerce, homestay, travelling, living consumption, offline payments, etc.

    In November

    after the TFT eco-chain completed three rounds of network testing, the main network and Mega Miner Project will be officially launched. The real-time node verification of POPE consensus mechanism will be completed through software&hardware technology deployment and parallel pledge. The TFT main network validation rights and ecological development dividends will be shared

    In October

    the Freedom Trail will start to generate tokens, and the Genesis Node and Mega Miner will be managed ecologically and mined to obtain profits. At the same time, the business application of "blockchain + new-retail e-commerce" will go online. The provincial and municipal agency project will be launched to promote the parallel transaction of assets on and off the chain and the comprehensive development of business. A number of commercial scenarios based on the TFT eco-chain will be gradually launched.TFT tokens' value is increased through commercial transactions and landing. After achieving full profitability in the TFT business ecosystem, the TFT Community Committee will be voted. TFT will be transferred eternally by using commercial profits for further buy-back.

  • 2021
    In June

    TFT's BaaS open platform will be fully open to ecological partners to achieve TFT eco-chain tech application's full coverage in scenarios of blockchain. Ecological partners will be able to independently access TFT - BaaS, to achieve their own scenarios in blockchain application landing. TFT also provides a one-stop solution.

    In March

    TFT eco-chain will launch NFT commercial points as TFT Mega Miners can convert the TFT into NFT. NFT will participate in dozens of commercial networks based on TFT underlying chain technology incubated by TFT through ecological technology. It will also get through the TFT ecological chain and NFT comprehensive commercial scene

    In December

    the TFT ’s TFT - DEX decentralized exchange" will go online and be fully operational, TFT eco-chain and NFT integral chain's circulation transactions will be launched, too. TFT will become the only token type in the exchange. It will attract millions of a huge ecological flow which will lead the new wave of digital currency exchange. It will also promote DEX decentralized exchange to replace centralized exchange, promote the chain block industry innovation.

    In September

    the TFT Ecological Navigation Project will be launched, and TFT will promote the comprehensive penetration of blockchain technology into the "blockchain +" field. The "TFT Industry Win-win Fundation" will participate in the chain application empowerment and on chain transformation for more than 100 traditional enterprises.